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Photo Of The Week: 07.29.13


“The wheels spoke to me, it’s so fantastical.”
(Downtown Valdosta, GA)

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Cumberland Island | National Seashore | Georgia, USA

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Photo Of The Week: 11.19.12

For this week’s Photo of The Week, I’m featuring a photo I submitted to one of JPG’s Photo Challenges which focused on the color white in color photography. This photo challenge is closed, but I encourage you to look through the photos that made it to the “best of” by clicking the link below.

Photo Challenge: White in Color Photography

I captured this tabby house while visiting Cumberland Island off the coast of Georgia. I’ll be posting a gallery of my visit to Cumberland Island here on my blog in the near future.


“Tabby House”

Have a lovely Thanksgiving


Happy Shooting!

– K. Wyatt


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Photo Challenge: Something Strange Comes This Way

This challenge is all about the strange, the whimsical, the bizarre, and the scary. Photograph anything from objects to places. Halloween is just around the corner, so get in the spirit with JPG Magazine’s Photo Challenge “Something Strange Comes This Way.”

I chose to submit a photo of a place that utters spooky. My photo “Beneath Strickland” features the Old Remerton Mill, also known as the 1899 Strickland Cotton Mill, within the city limits of Valdosta, GA.

You may remember this historic mill from a previous post titled Photo Challenge: Art Crimes. This historic mill was being threatened with demolition, and since my last post, the mill has been scheduled for demolition.


“Beneath Strickland”

This challenge closes on Monday, October 22nd; follow this link http://jpgmag.com/themes/395 to enter your own photograph into the challenge. To see a full list of JPG Magazine’s available Themes & Photo Challenges, just Click Here.

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Photo Challenge: Art Crimes

“You were told from the beginning that it’s taboo to take photos of other artist’s work and post to JPG as your own. But from time to time, we like to break the rules (even our own) –in the name of creativity of course (wink). This week’s photo challenge was inspired by the photo essay Street Art, by Robert Versteegen.”

“Graffiti art is a crime by law, but there is a certain aesthetic to this illegal form of artwork that makes it worthy of a photo and a share! For this challenge we encourage you to post any photo which features some admirable street art (graffiti) around your town, neighborhood, or city.”

My photo Tattoos on This Town” features graffiti at the Old Remerton Mill, also known as the 1899 Strickland Cotton Mill, within the city limits of Valdosta, GA. Sadly, this historic mill is currently being threatened with demolition. “You have got a priceless asset in Remerton. If you tear it down, that’s the end of it.” – local architect Blake Ellis. You may watch a video @ Save Remerton Mill 


“Tattoos on This Town”

 This challenge closes on July 23th; follow this link http://jpgmag.com/themes/381 to enter your own photograph into the challenge. To see a full list of JPG Magazine’s available Themes & Photo Challenges, just Click Here.

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“Golden Age” – Vintage Submission

 “All things Vintage… vintage photography, vintage art, cars, clothing, wine, and more! For this week’s photo challenge post your best photo of something vintage.”

After much debate, below is the photograph I submitted to JPG Magazine’s Photo Challenge “Vintage.”

"Golden Age"

This challenge is open until April 8th. Click here for a direct link. For more available challenges visit JPG’s Themes & Photo Challenges
Happy Shooting!
-K. Wyatt
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“The Crescent” – An Artistic Photo Gallery

“The Crescent” at Valdosta Garden Center – A location for portraits, weddings, and other events

Address: 904 North Patterson Street, Valdosta, Georgia  31604

“The Crescent,” a landmark home on the National Register of Historic Places, was built by Col. William S. West in 1898. Three ladies in the Garden Club saved the demolition of the West’s former home, and in 1951 “The Crescent” became the home of all the Garden Clubs in Valdosta, GA.

“The Crescent” is open to the public Monday – Friday from 2 PM – 5 PM, but closed during major holidays and private events. This historic home is also available for weddings, receptions, and parties of the community. For the delight of the general public, a large beautiful formal garden is maintained by each garden club.

If you are interested in having portraits made at “The Crescent,” please contact me by sending an email to kwyattphoto@live.com. Keep in mind, my availability will be affected by the availability of “The Crescent.” I will charge an extra $5 fee for portraits booked at “The Crescent” as a donation to the home.

I am also available for weddings or events hosted at “The Crescent.” If you are interested in booking a wedding or other event at this historic home, you can call 1-229-244-6747 and visit the following website for more information http://xl1.esiteasp.com/thegardencenter/home.nxg.

I hope you enjoy viewing this gallery of photos featuring “The Crescent.”

Happy Shooting!

-K. Wyatt

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Photo Challenge: Sound Bites

“Photography for your sense of sound! While the sense of sight is the primary ingredient for enjoying great photography, photos will frequently inspire one or more of our five senses – Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch, evoking a unique  motional connection. For this photo challenge bring your photo to life by inducing the sense of SOUND!”

Below is the photo I submitted to this week’s Photo Challenge titled “Sound Bites.” This was also photographed at “The Crescent,” and as I mentioned in my last post, I’ll be uploading a gallery featuring this historic home later this week. This Photo Challenge is available for entry on JPG until April 1st. Click here for a direct link to this challenge. Join the JPG community and start uploading your best work.

Remember, you can always visit my JPG profile via this link http://jpgmag.com/people/Kassi to see my work.

Happy Shooting!

-K. Wyatt


"You can't get the sound from a story in a magazine..."

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