Portrait Photography FAQ

How many photos will I have on my CD?

The number of photos KassiJo Wyatt provides on your CD is boundless. KassiJo Wyatt will not guarantee to provide any client with a certain number of digitally edited shots from a session.

Will you include edited and non-edited photos on my CD?

Only photos that KassiJo Wyatt has approved and digitally edited will be included on your CD. You will NOT receive every picture taken at your session.

Where will my photo session take place?

KassiJo Wyatt primarily provides photography sessions in outdoor locations. The location or locations of your session will be discussed between you and KassiJo Wyatt. You are welcome to choose a location or locations for you session, but these will need to be approved by KassiJo Wyatt. Additional charges may apply due to locations.

How long will my photo session last?

The length of any session is based on the discretion of KassiJo Wyatt. Most sessions will last about two hours. Please book accordingly. This time will most likely be shortened for young children and babies. Depending on availability, KassiJo Wyatt will gladly lengthen your session, or schedule a time based on your agenda. One again, please book accordingly.

Will I be able to change clothing during my session?

Yes, you may change clothing during your session, and is welcomed in order to provide a diversified session. KassiJo Wyatt will not guarantee to provide a changing area. This is merely up to the cliental.

When and how do I pay you?

Payment is due at the time of your session. KassiJo Wyatt will accept cash or check. Checks are to be made out to “KassiJo Wyatt.”

*Clients will not receive product until payment is received; therefore, any check provided must clear first.

When will I receive my CD?

KassiJo Wyatt will have your session photos approved and edited within 2 weeks after the time of your session. KassiJo Wyatt will notify you via email or phone when your CD has been mailed to the address you provided at your session. You may also schedule a time to pick up your CD if you are pressed for time; please contact KassiJo Wyatt in advance. Please contact KassiJo Wyatt for ANY reason concerning your photos.

What if my CD is lost or damaged in the mail?

KassiJo Wyatt is NOT liable for any loss or damages accrued during shipment. There will be no payment refund. You may receive a replacement ONLY if loss or damage is due to shipping. In order to receive a replacement, you must notify KassiJo Wyatt within 3 weeks after you were notified that your CD had been mailed.

What if I’m not satisfied with my pictures?

If you are not satisfied with your pictures, please let KassiJo Wyatt know your concerns via KassiJo Wyatt Photography’s email address kwyattphoto@live.com

What if I need to cancel my session?

If you need to cancel your session, please notify KassiJo Wyatt in a timely manner, if at all possible, via the email or number provided to you. You may try to reschedule your session for another day and time. This is subjected to KassiJo Wyatt’s availability, and there is no guarantee that you will be able to re-schedule your session. If KassiJo Wyatt needs to reschedule your session due to weather or emergency, you will be notified in advance, if at all possible, via an email or a number you will need to provide. Weather cancellations are common due to the outdoor sessions provided by KassiJo Wyatt.

What about Weddings?

If you are interested in having your wedding photographed by KassiJo Wyatt, you will need to contact KassiJo Wyatt by sending an email directly to kwyattphoto@live.com. You will then be provided with a number to call for any reason concerning your interest in KassiJo Wyatt Photography.

*Separate terms and conditions will apply.

Terms & Conditions are subject to change.

-KassiJo R. Wyatt

KassiJo Wyatt retains the copyright to all images. It is illegal to copy, scan, or reproduce my images in any manner, including Facebook and blog images, without consent. I thank you for respecting my artistic property. I also reserve the right to use images for personal advertisement, web, publication and display.

KassiJo Wyatt Copyright 2012-Present

Last Update: 03/21/2012


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