Making the Blog…JPG Photo Challenges…

I know it has been quite some time since I’ve made a blog post…I’m really horrible at this whole blogging thing xD But I’m here now, so let’s do this!

In this post, I’ll be featuring a gallery of my photographs that have been featured on JPG News Blog so far this year. Since I have not been making Photo Challenge posts recently, I figured this would be a good way to catch you up on some of my photography activity. I’m still very active on as well as my Facebook page, so if you keep up with my work on either of those two sites then Thank You!

To link to the photos featured in this gallery on, please see the Media page.


There may be some exciting activity here on my blog in the coming months, as I may attempt to blog my “Grand Adventure.” You’ll just have to wait and see! xD

Happy Shooting!

-K. Wyatt

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