Photo Challenge: Art Crimes

“You were told from the beginning that it’s taboo to take photos of other artist’s work and post to JPG as your own. But from time to time, we like to break the rules (even our own) –in the name of creativity of course (wink). This week’s photo challenge was inspired by the photo essay Street Art, by Robert Versteegen.”

“Graffiti art is a crime by law, but there is a certain aesthetic to this illegal form of artwork that makes it worthy of a photo and a share! For this challenge we encourage you to post any photo which features some admirable street art (graffiti) around your town, neighborhood, or city.”

My photo Tattoos on This Town” features graffiti at the Old Remerton Mill, also known as the 1899 Strickland Cotton Mill, within the city limits of Valdosta, GA. Sadly, this historic mill is currently being threatened with demolition. “You have got a priceless asset in Remerton. If you tear it down, that’s the end of it.” – local architect Blake Ellis. You may watch a video @ Save Remerton Mill 


“Tattoos on This Town”

 This challenge closes on July 23th; follow this link to enter your own photograph into the challenge. To see a full list of JPG Magazine’s available Themes & Photo Challenges, just Click Here.

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