Photo Challenge: Phobias and Fears

“There are many types of phobias that exist. Some phobias are more frequently known than others such as being afraid of small tight spaces (claustrophobia) or fear of germs (mysophobia). What about all the other less common phobias that effect people all around the world? We found this amazingly long list of phobias that we thought would make for some awesome phobia photo ops!”

“For this photo challenge upload any photo that shows the unmistakable look of fear or that represents a certain kind of phobia.”

I chose to submit a photo that represents a certain kind of phobia. The phobia my photograph captures is known as Asymmetriphobia. This is the fear of mismatched things, hence the title “Mismatch Paranoia.”


“Mismatch Paranoia”

 This challenge closes on July 16th; follow this link to enter your own photograph into the challenge. To see a full list of JPG Magazine’s available Themes & Photo Challenges, just Click Here.

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