Photo Challenge: Centered Composition

“Placement of the subject within! While looking at a scene through your viewfinder, you’ll probably see several choices for positioning your subject: left, right, high, or low.  One of the most widely used rules of placement is the rule of thirds.”

“Inspired by a previous Story of the Week selection written by Gary Joseph Cohen, we’re rejecting the coveted rule of 3rds and asking you to submit any photo where the main subject is smack dead in the center of your composition.”



 “You couldn’t just pick and choose at will when someone depended on you, or loved you. It wasn’t like a light switch, easy to turn on or off. If you were in, you were in. Out, you were out.”  ―    Sarah DessenAlong for the Ride

This challenge ends on June 4th; follow this link to enter your own photograph into the challenge. To see a full list of JPG Magazine’s available Themes & Photo Challenges, just Click Here.

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