“The Crescent” – An Artistic Photo Gallery

“The Crescent” at Valdosta Garden Center – A location for portraits, weddings, and other events

Address: 904 North Patterson Street, Valdosta, Georgia  31604

“The Crescent,” a landmark home on the National Register of Historic Places, was built by Col. William S. West in 1898. Three ladies in the Garden Club saved the demolition of the West’s former home, and in 1951 “The Crescent” became the home of all the Garden Clubs in Valdosta, GA.

“The Crescent” is open to the public Monday – Friday from 2 PM – 5 PM, but closed during major holidays and private events. This historic home is also available for weddings, receptions, and parties of the community. For the delight of the general public, a large beautiful formal garden is maintained by each garden club.

If you are interested in having portraits made at “The Crescent,” please contact me by sending an email to kwyattphoto@live.com. Keep in mind, my availability will be affected by the availability of “The Crescent.” I will charge an extra $5 fee for portraits booked at “The Crescent” as a donation to the home.

I am also available for weddings or events hosted at “The Crescent.” If you are interested in booking a wedding or other event at this historic home, you can call 1-229-244-6747 and visit the following website for more information http://xl1.esiteasp.com/thegardencenter/home.nxg.

I hope you enjoy viewing this gallery of photos featuring “The Crescent.”

Happy Shooting!

-K. Wyatt

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