Photo Challenge: Boldly Bearded

Here is the description for this week’s photo challenge…

“MUSTACHES, BEARDS, and GOATEES – Facial hair most certainly boost a person’s character. Whether or not enhances a person’s attractability…we’ll leave that for you to decide. Styles of facial hair range from a neat scuff of stubble to the out of control caveman look. There’s no doubting that neatly shaved cheeks or a rough patch of stubble above (or below) ones lip might alter their facade, rendering a more daring, sophisticated, or even circus like look. For this photo challenge we want you to showcase any photo with a little growth. The more interesting, funny, intriguing, or unusual looking facial hair, the better!”

Even though I have not submitted to this challenge yet, I wanted to go ahead and make a post for this challenge, just to let everyone know. So if you happen to have a “beardly” photograph, visit JPG to submit your photo now until February 19th. If I make a submission by then, I’ll definitely be posting the photo here on my blog for everyone to see.

Happy Shooting!

-K. Wyatt

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