“You Sunk My Battleship!”

Thought I would do a JPG update. If you couldn’t tell already, I’m kind of obsessed with this photography website. It’s great for inspiration since there is a new photo challenge every week, so if you need some ideas you should definitely check out the site and join! One of the challenges going on right now is “Game On!” My husband and I had a lot fun setting up scenes for this challenge xD I uploaded a few of the different shots we took on my JPG page, and I decided to submit one we tilted “Jump Jimmy!” which you can see below xD We used the little blue guys from The Game of Life as our “sailors” haha. Again, to see more of the shots, just check out my JPG page at the following link http://jpgmag.com/people/Kassi

Also, you can keep up with other projects I’ve been working on by finding me (KassiJo Wyatt Photography) on Facebook, just give me a “like!” Please!

Happy Shooting!

–K. Wyatt

P.S. I do sell my work as prints, so if you really, and I mean really, love one of my photos and think it would look just fabulous hanging up in your home or office, just send an email to kwyattphoto@live.com and let me know what you’re interested in. I’ll be posting more info about purchasing prints soon.

"Jump Jimmy!"

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2 thoughts on ““You Sunk My Battleship!”

  1. kvisionphotography says:

    I love it!! It made me smile, good work 🙂


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