The Art of Self-Portraits

I’ve been taking self-portraits for many years, and self-portraiture motivated me to get more involved in the art of photography. Social networking definitely fueled my need for portraits of myself, but instead of just taking a picture of myself in front of the mirror in the bathroom with my cell phone, I decided to get a little more creative with my photos. I learned that I could make taking self-portraits into an art and soon realized it’s one of the more difficult yet rewarding forms of photography. Setting up my own scenes and positioning the camera for remote shutter became a lot of fun as well as a workout. Readjusting and re-readjusting the camera and being my own modeling coach can definitely be challenging, but I soon realized that everything didn’t need to be perfect. The best part of taking self-portraits is seeing the unexpected end product and being surprised. This is where the art comes in…it’s not about just taking a Facebook profile photo, but it’s about making an artistic photograph. The process can be exhausting, especially when you’re having problems getting the look you want and just wish you had a model, but I like to try out new props with myself and this lets me know what kind of new looks I could create with clients. For more on my love for self-portraiture, you can read an essay I wrote and submitted to JPG about American photographer Cindy Sherman at the following link… You can see a small collection of my self-portraits at the link as well. To wrap things up, I’ve included a self-portrait that I’ve taken recently.

-K. Wyatt


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